We are left with Taylor Swift?



Prince gets the last laugh.  Now we are stuck to admire Taylor Swift with all her money and not much creativity in one hand.  We are stuck with Nikki Minaj with no talent except to pretend to be intelligent and have a nice ass, and Kanye West, and what does he provide, laxatives?  I miss Prince and his best work was done before he became a Jehovah’s Witness’, but he still could play, and play well.

Play an Instrument or Sing Good

Then you got to find good instrument players or people with a voice like Prince.

  1.  Taylor Swift-Has neither competence
  2. Lady Gaga-Has neither talent
  3. Drake-Raps ok but can’t play even a bass guitar
  4. Jason Derullo-can’t find the bathroom either
  5. One Direction:  They can tie their shoes

…………………………………………….Prince made it on the radio…..that is the big difference….radio sucks and so do these artists

The joke is funny and it is a dark joke because for so long we are just stuck with groups or singers who have no ‘funk’ no one that takes real risks to sing and play what they want when they want.  Prince did what he wanted and it wasn’t all for money like all the players today.  It is like they are playing for a cheap Hotel Lounge and everyone is forced to listen why you choke on your food.

-Where are the artists?

Rip-Prince Rogers Nelson