The Ball!


The Ball

Well Prince wanted to play basketball you know?  I love the game but when you play with guys they all want to fight and argue why they are all sweaty and call fouls.  I just want the ball and to keep playing.  Now a lot of men grab their other balls a lot during games and this is a little icky so I do have to ask, why did they call it the ball, or give me the ball?  I get annoyed with these macho guys yelling and talking about balls so I head to the girls and yoga and their medicine ball.  I love that ball.  And there is no yelling.

The Women’s Ball

So I am in the room working on my yoga and then we try the ball actually after yoga and I like how you can lie on the big ball.  It still is too erotic for me but at least these girls can’t grab their balls or yell about a foul.  We all can exercise and enjoy our big ball.  I am ok with my sexuality to enjoy a big ball and to grab it.  Men, forget basketball, and turn to Yoga.  Enjoy the ball more together.


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