What is wrong with the buffalo?



Does this animal look stupid to you?  They are say that here and it drives me crazy.  Have they ever talked to one or even observed it in bed?  It could be the most talented lover.  It could use the horns to kill and intruder.  I think that these young people in Thailand should actually sit there for a day and watch a boy or girl and see what happens.  Of course they might be terrified if they had sex and I would to.  That is so rude like watching free porn.  But before we call things stupid, let’s investigate.


Now I would like to see a teenager take care of himself in the wild in some nasty water and then chew on grass and survive.  These Thai high school students can’t live without their rice for even twenty minutes.  They wouldn’t survive and then they would have to say to the camera, buffaloes or water buffaloes are smart.  I would get joy watching this.  It would be like clarifying their world view.  Oh, I wish this could happen.

-How would I get a high school student to do this?  Wow, this idea is shit I guess.  Oh well.  I can dream.


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